“Dr. James Bircher is number one, I highly recommend!” — Christine

I had a total left knee replacement 12 weeks ago. Dr. James Bircher is number one, I highly recommend!
The TCO EXCEL program, along with the great team of doctors, nurses and physical therapy staff are all just incredible. I am doing great!

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“I would 100% recommend Dr. Ridley, his team, and the EXCEL Program.”” — Tim

My hip replacement experience was nothing but exceptional. Dr. Ridley and his team were upfront, honest, and helpful from the start. I had special needs which included the need to lose a significant amount of weight to have the surgery. They told me from the start what that would be, gave me specific goals and a timeline, and worked with me to find an interim method to manage the pain. Most of all, they treated me with respect. I am incredibly thankful for that. The time in the EXCEL surgery center itself was very comfortable. The process was smooth, the surgery uneventful, and everyone I encountered was extremely friendly and helpful. I would 100% recommend Dr. Ridley, his team, and the EXCEL program.

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““I am very grateful for the EXCEL program.”” — Tom A.

It’s been three months since my anterior hip replacement surgery, and I couldn’t be happier with Dr. O’Neill, his team, the EXCEL program, and my new hip. Every stage of my experience with Dr. O’Neill and his team was positive.

It started with my first appointment when he explained my condition, options, and an overview of how he performs hip replacements. My surgery was scheduled and during the three months wait, I received guidance from his staff on how to prepare through a mailed packet of program information and an online Zoom meeting. This preparation was very educational and provided me with added confidence in the EXCEL program as well as Dr. O’Neill and his team.

On surgery day, the friendly staff ran everything very efficiently. The surgery proceeded without any problems, and I had no complications. As part of the EXCEL program, I stayed overnight at their Edina Care Suites where I was cared for by wonderful nurses and a physical therapist who aided with my initial recovery. This overnight stay helped me feel more stable so I could return home confident with my balance and ability to walk. My care nurses were attentive and thorough, really just plain outstanding.

During my post-surgery recovery period, I gained stability, flexibility, and strength each day. I followed my post-surgery medication and exercise program at home with the prescribed daily routine. I needed to use a cane for only three days and within weeks I was taking neighborhood walks (about a mile or so) with a full stride. Now my hip doesn’t buckle, I no longer walk with a hitch in my step, and I have returned to my regular workout routine.

In summary, I’m very grateful for the EXCEL program, the surgery team, the staff, but especially the knowledge and skill of Dr. O’Neill.

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“Every detail was covered, every step of the way” —

I had an amazing experience with the EXCEL Program. Steph, EXCEL RN Coordinator’s, initial phone call was caring and considerate. She arranged for an orientation to see the recovery suites with Leah Zimmerman, EXCEL Program Director, and we were so relieved and pleased. Leah was so gracious, open to answering every concern and question, and so delightfully reassuring. I also attended the pre-surgery education class. The class was so helpful and important to attend.

After my knee replacement surgery, I was taken to my room. Lauren and Caryn, my Registered Nurses, were delightful, joyful, and skilled in every way. They were personable and answered any question I had. I felt encouraged and amazed at how much I could do already, with expert coaching and support. It was such a pleasure and relief to see Dr. Scott Anseth after my procedure. He described what he did for my knee and that I should not be surprised by the bruising. I enjoyed how he demonstrated the importance of being able to straighten my leg and bend my knee when I am ready. I was so reassured that I made the right decision and that I was in the best hands for care.

My recovery continued at home with check-ins. Any “speed bump” I encountered was met with acceptance, compassion, and effective problem solving. The reception desk folks at physical therapy were always cheerful, helpful and respectful. Shoutout to all my therapists for those pre-operative exercises. Heidi, Sarah, and Jordan, were significant in my recovery.

I continue to feel so grateful for this opportunity to enhance my quality of life with a new knee. Every detail was covered every step of the way with a multitude of skills and talents, along with personal care and concern for me. Thank you, TCO!

Martha Photo

Martha Photo

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“I could not imagine having a better experience” — Steve B.

Dr. Mittelsteadt and his staff were amazing. I tell everybody about him and TCO. I could not imagine having a better experience. If I ever have to have surgery again I’m going back to TCO! I stayed at the EXCEL Care Suites for a night. Recovering was really nice and the nurses were amazing there too. Thank you so much to TCO for a great experience on something I was regretting. It was not bad at all.

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“The whole experience in the EXCEL program has been a first-rate affair.” — Thomas S.

My left knee issues started close to a year ago, so I started seeing Dr. Lewis some time ago. We tried everything we could do to avoid surgery, however in order to resolve the remaining issue with the knee, I had Dr. Lewis replace my left knee some 5 weeks ago. The whole experience in the EXCEL program has been a first-rate affair. The surgery, the after care, the physical therapy, and just today I had my 6-week review with Dr Lewis. I’m pleased to report that the recovery plan has probably put me ahead of schedule!

I’m a very active person in general and Dr. Lewis has supported me in my effort to get back to a normal life.

If I have to replace my right knee down the road, Dr. Lewis will be my surgeon, no if or buts about it!!

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“Hands down the best experience I have ever had” — Heather C.

I have one word – AMAZING! I have never met a more caring, professional care team all the way around. I had both knees replaced 8 weeks apart this summer. Dr. Arntson walked me through everything and made sure I was comfortable with the plan. The process of scheduling and the EXCEL program is hands down the BEST experience I have ever had. I felt very prepared going into surgery. By 6 weeks on both knees, I was walking without assistance and exceeded my flexion and extension goals. It is not as scary as people make it out to be. For the first time in 25+ years I have no pain. He has changed my life and I will forever be grateful to him and all the care team members!

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“I had a great experience with the EXCEL Program” — Lynn

Last year, I had a hip replacement with Dr. Chris Meyer, and it was one of the best things I ever did. I had such a great experience with Dr. Meyer, his staff, and the EXCEL Program, so I decided to bite the bullet and have my left knee replaced since it was bothering me for some time.

One of my passions is golf so I needed to time the surgery and recovery before summer and a golf trip that was planned. The surgery went well, and I followed the doctor’s orders to a ‘T’.  I was ready to hit the links!  I cannot thank Dr. Meyer for the care I received. I highly recommend TCO. They are the best!

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“Everyone involved was great!” — Susan M.

Dr. Bircher is the best! I’d been fighting a knee replacement for years. When I met him in November, I knew my knee was pretty bad. We talked about knee replacement but he could tell I wasn’t ready. He told me I would know when I was ready. That reality hit me in February of this year. I couldn’t have asked for better results after the surgery. I was accepted into the TCO EXCEL Program, which I strongly suggest you try if you are able to. The nursing staff was exceptional at the hospital right after surgery as were the nurses at the Recovery Suites. The EXCEL nurse coordinator kept in contact with me to make sure all was well. Everyone involved was great.

Before I had my surgery, I told Dr. Bircher all I wanted was to be able to come back and tell him that I wish I had done the surgery sooner. I was happy to oblige! I am now scheduled for a total knee replacement on my other knee. I know not all surgeries have the same results but I am counting on Dr. Birchers skill to pull it out! Dr. Bircher always made sure he answered all my questions and spent as much time with me as I needed to feel comfortable. He is concerned, compassionate and very skilled. That is not something you find in too many doctors/surgeons these days. I look forward to a normal life again!

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“The EXCEL program rocks!” — Joe M.

I had a fast recovery and only took over the counter pain meds after I went home following my anterior approach hip replacement with Dr. Arntson. After surgery, I was able to walk the same day and only needed a cane after one week. At five weeks, I could walk on my own.

15 years ago, I had a posterior hip replacement and recovery was much longer. Anterior approach is the way to go.

The EXCEL program rocks!

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“The EXCEL Program was definitely the way to go!” — Karen S.

I had was thrilled that my anterior hip replacement went so well! I had a posterior hip replacement in 2020 and needed to have the other hip done in 2023. I opted to have an anterior procedure this time and was extremely happy with the results. I had very little pain, which Tylenol handled well. Everyone was surprised how well I was moving around shortly after the surgery. Recovery has been much easier than with the posterior approach. Dr. Owen O’Neill is amazing. He explains everything ahead of time and what to expect. His team of nurses and staff are the very best and the EXCEL Program was definitely the way to go!

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“Every person I came in contact with went above and beyond” — James D.

Dr. Peterson and the entire staff at TCO and the EXCEL Program were amazing. The experience itself was so well prepared and everything was communicated so effectively that I was completely confident in having the surgery. Dr. Peterson and staff were kind, friendly and available. From the process of getting everything in place for the surgery to the pre-op, surgery, overnight recovery and discharge was the very best. I also had follow up with Dr. Peterson, Kate and others from TCO and EXCEL to make sure things were going as expected. Thank you so much to everyone. Literally every person I came in contact with from TCO went above and beyond.

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“My outcome is terrific” — Mark B.

My experience with Dr. Michael Nemanich and the EXCEL Program team was great! In January 2023, my Family Physician gave me the news that I needed a hip replacement. This news left me with despair and concern. I asked for a list of surgeons and did my research. My wife and I met with Dr. Nemanich and we scheduled surgery for late March. I was impressed with Dr. Nemanich’ s background and I was also looking for surgery and recovery out of the hospital. TCO’s EXCEL Program offered us what we were looking for. Surgery was held at the Crosstown Surgery Center and I spent the night at the EXCEL Care Facility nearby. Our experience has been extremely good, my outcome is terrific and I very strongly recommend Dr. Nemanich and the EXCEL Program.

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“I would have this surgery all over again, if needed” — Chad N.

It was a great experience from the first visit until the last. It’s been six weeks since surgery and I’m walking an average of six miles per day. Dr. Schmiesing did a great job with the surgery and the follow up care. The EXCEL Program was a lot of help too, along with my physical therapist, Jacob. I would have this surgery all over again, if needed!

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“The EXCEL Program at TCO was great!” — Tom B.

Dr. Wetter made the whole process easy. Any questions I had were always explained. I would highly recommend. The EXCEL Program at TCO was great!

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“Everyone was extremely nice and made me feel very comfortable” — Courtney B.

I seriously couldn’t have had a better experience at TCO and with Dr. Kelly. The only other place where I have experienced such nice and wonderful staff is Disney World! From the intake nurse, the surgical team, the nurses and therapy staff at the EXCEL care suites, everyone was extremely nice and made me feel very comfortable the entire stay. I have been singing your praises to everyone that I talked to after the surgery. My mother, also a nurse, would always say to find a place that will treat you like your own family would, and TCO did just that. I’m so happy that I sought out a second opinion at TCO.

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“I was up walking that afternoon pain free!” — Kris O.

I had my hip replaced by Dr. Hartigan on November 14th.  I was up walking that afternoon pain free! What a joy! All the staff at the surgery center and in the EXCEL program were great. I had wonderful care. They took time to discuss options for medications and answered all of my questions. Unlike in a hospital, when I pushed my button for a request, they came instantly. Everyone from the driver of the van, to the support staff, nurses and PT were friendly and kind. I never felt rushed.

Both Dr. Hartigan and his PA, Aaron, have the best bedside manner. They took plenty of time to answer all my questions, and never rushed me out. I always felt very well taken care of. I cannot say enough about the wonderful program. My only suggestion is on some of the TCO branded clothing, it should say “ask me about my new joint!”. Thank you for everything. I am so enjoying life pain free!

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“Thank you to the whole team at TCO and the EXCEL program” — Marc D.

Dr. Arthur performed my knee replacement surgery on June 9, 2022. This past month, my wife and I went on a hiking trip to Sedona, AZ. Six months to the day after my surgery, I spent three days hiking in the desert and mountains of Arizona.  I just wanted to say thank you to the whole team there at TCO and the EXCEL program. Last year I would not have been able to take that trip.

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“Dr. Ridley and his surgical team were outstanding!” — Robin K.

After being told I needed a shoulder replacement; I began my research finding an orthopedic surgeon at Twin Cities Orthopedics. I narrowed it down, and my choice was Dr. TJ Ridley. His reviews were excellent, and he had extensive experience in shoulder surgery. He was straight forward and never sugar coated anything. I went through the EXCEL program at the TCO Blaine location.

Dr. Ridley and his surgical team were outstanding! The recovery suite staff were excellent! I am doing great! I give Dr. TJ Ridley 5 stars! Thank you, Dr. Ridley, for your excellent care!!

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“Thanks to Dr. Jason Dieterle and TCO’s EXCEL Program, I’m feeling great after a total knee replacement” — Steven M

Thanks to Dr. Jason Dieterle and TCO’s EXCEL Program, I’m feeling great after a total knee replacement. In fact, just 3 months after surgery, I had more mobility in my knee than I’ve had in the past 15 years. Dr. Dieterle was very professional, honest, and straightforward. As a toolmaker for over 30 years, I’m someone who appreciates quality work, and Dr. Dieterle went the extra mile to make sure I had a great experience. Just recently, I returned from a bucket list fly fishing trip to Canada that I couldn’t have done without this new knee. I already have my next trip scheduled!

steven m photo

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“The EXCEL program staff made my surgery a smooth process.” — Gregory M.

I would like to share my experience at TCO and with the EXCEL Program. I had a full knee replacement on Dec. 22nd and I would like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. Thanks to Danica for all of the help she provided via phone to get the ball rolling. The EXCEL Program staff, starting with Nate, made my surgery a smooth process. Thank you to Dr. Brian O’Neill who provided excellent care. To the staff in the recovery area, thank you for starting me on my road to recovery. From there I started my PT and was so pleased from day one. My PT, Brittney, gave me the understanding and all of the tools I need for the best recovery. I understood it was up to me to complete the PT in order succeed. Thank you for pressing me to do my best, even when I ate a little humble pie. Brittney helped me understand the pain process as I was healing. She was always a positive person, challenging me to do better with different exercises. Thank you, Brittney. I know with the care that I have received through this process, I will succeed.

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“I finished the race this year!” — Mark D.

Several years ago, I developed severe degenerative knee joints, and I was unable to walk more than one block without severe swelling and knee pain. My active life as I knew it was ending. I sought the consultation of Twin Cities Orthopedics through the EXCEL Program, and the care of Dr. Andrea Saterbak. She was caring and professional through her unique surgical talents, she replaced both of my knees.

TCO provided excellent physical therapy throughout my recovery. I was soon back biking, but one of my dreams was to ski the American Birkebeiner, a 35 mile cross country ski race in northern Wisconsin. I am happy to say I finished the race this year. Many thanks to Dr. Saterbak and the entire team at TCO!

mark druffner tco excel patient

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“Things exceeded my expectations!” — Dick U.

My experience with Dr. O’Neill and the EXCEL Program team could not have been any better. From the preparation to surgery and follow-up, things exceeded my expectations. Speaking from experience, if you are in need of a hip replacement, this is your guy!

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“They gave me the best medical care I have ever received in any medical setting.” — Elroy F.

My experience with TCO and the EXCEL Program was very positive. I was somewhat apprehensive and had some anxiety prior to surgery. However, Dr. Arntson helped relieve those feelings by explaining everything to me. He is a wonderful doctor and made me feel so comfortable. It was obvious to me from the moment I walked into the surgical center that all of the staff, nurses, therapists, and my doctor want to be here. They gave me the best medical care I have ever received in any medical setting.

The PT staff were a tremendous help and provided me with exercises to do at home. As a result, my recovery has gone very well so far. The nursing staff was outstanding and answered any questions that I or my coach asked. I am looking forward to a more active life and thank everyone at TCO and the EXCEL program for their exemplary care.

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“I cannot say enough about the care that I received” — Melissa C.

It’s been one year since my total knee replacements. I had my first one repaired on Oct 23, 2020 and the other one on Dec 3, 2020, exactly 6 weeks apart. I cannot say enough about the care that I received from Dr. Barry, the EXCEL Program nursing team, my physical therapist, Chris Kuhn, and Rebecca Munson, PA. The kindness shown to me during this time was amazing!

On my first visit with Dr. Barry, I expressed to him how important it was for me to get back to normal life, which included kickboxing. He thought that was possible to attain with hard work. With the direction of Chris and a list of at home physical therapy, I went back to kickboxing in March of 2021 and it feels amazing. I could not have done this without the help of this wonderful team! For the first time in a very long time, I have straight legs and almost pain free!!! Thank you everyone!!!

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“I was up and moving within hours after surgery.” — Marcy I.

I would totally recommend the TCO Excel Surgery and Recovery Program for a knee replacement. Dr. Kruse and his staff guided me through the process through surgery, recovery and physical therapy. I was up and moving within hours after surgery. After two months I was back on the golf course and riding my bicycle once again. Thank you, Dr. Kruse, for your great surgical skills and expertise. You and your team truly cared about my success and outcome.

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“The care suites used after surgery was the best experience I’ve ever had!” — Liz F.

Dr. Peterson and his staff were amazing. I would highly recommend Dr. Peterson and the TCO EXCEL Program. I had a bi-lateral knee replacement; my left knee in May 2021 and my right knee in August 2021. The care suites used after surgery was the best experience I have ever had. With each stay, there were 2 RN’s to 2 patients. If I needed assistance they responded in a matter of seconds. Dr. Peterson has an outstanding bedside manner. He listened to all of my needs, he is very caring, and kind. He made a very scary experience not so scary.

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“I was back at work in record time.” — Petra S.

I really appreciate Dr. Owen O’Neill and the entire TCO Staff. I had a long-standing knee injury that progressed to near immobility. I had a rapid recovery thanks to Dr. O’Neill, the entire staff and the EXCEL program. I was back at work in record time.

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““I had a wonderful experience when having my total knee replacement!”” — Karen B.

I had wonderful experience when having my total knee replacement! The EXCEL Program at TCO worked like a well-oiled clock. The first two nights were painful and I had to rock myself for an hour to get adequate pain relief. On the first night, a nurse walked with me at least four times through the hospital halls and I never waited more than five minutes to have my call light answered. They kept adding ice to my machine so the alarms never went off.

All of the staff knew exactly what recovery would be like and nurses answered all of my questions correctly. I did not use a walker or crutches following surgery but I had them just in case I was unsteady. I was able to return to playing pickleball the fourth week after surgery and, to my amazement, I have been playing daily ever since the surgery. The pain subsided after the third week. I’m only 63 years old so I’m thrilled I can do anything I choose to do again!

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“TCO changed my life, and they can change yours too.” — KS95's Ryan

KS95’s Ryan is one of the most well-known radio personalities in Minnesota, but for 7 years, he hid a painful secret from listeners.

Ryan’s hips had gotten so bad, he could no longer walk. At his breaking point, Ryan turned to TCO, a decision that would change his life.

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“I was in such good hands the entire time!” — Traci W.

I had a total knee replacement with Dr. Saterbak in December, 2020 through the EXCEL Program and couldn’t have had a better experience! I was nervous going into my surgery in the middle of the COVID pandemic and that I couldn’t have my husband with me. I was taken such good care of at High Pointe and transferred to the Care Suites in Eagan. I was so hungry when I arrived at my suite and was thrilled to have a turkey sandwich and snacks waiting in my room! They were even able to get me a badly needed Diet Pepsi! They were so friendly and attentive that I felt I was in such good hands the entire time. I had a PT session soon after getting there and again the next morning. I strongly encourage anyone hesitating about this surgery to go to TCO and use the EXCEL Program. Everything was so organized and ran beautifully! My new knee is rocking and I feel great 6 weeks later!

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“I am so happy to finally be pain free!” — Theresa O.

I am so happy to finally be pain free after total knee surgery with Dr. Knowlan and EXCEL program. Dr. Knowlan and his team are wonderful! I look forward to walking and biking soon with my new knee.

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“I made a good choice to go with the EXCEL Program!” — Tim O.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone at TCO and the EXCEL program. I made a good choice to go with them. They are very nice and professional. With two knees, bone on bone, I could not move very well at all. I met with Dr. Owen O’Neill and needed surgery to replace my knees. Dr. O’Neill answered all of the questions that my wife and I had. He made us feel very comfortable, as did his TCO team. I would recommend Dr. O’Neill to everyone I talk to and I would recommend the surgery and therapy, if you want to get back on your feet and moving again. Now, after two knee replacements, I am feeling great and am moving around very well for the first time in years. I put it off so long and should have acted quicker. If you are in the same shape that I was, call TCO for a consult. TCO does everything from knees to hips, shoulders, etc. Thank you TCO and team!

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“An awesome alternative to the hospital!” — Lynda M.

On October 19, 2020, I had a total hip replacement by Dr. Owen O’Neill. I was nervous and worried about having surgery, especially during a pandemic. Dr. O’Neill relieved my anxiety as he explained the whole process and answered all of my questions. He also noted that I was a candidate for the EXCEL program, which was an awesome alternative to the hospital. His confidence and compassion made me realize that I was making the right decision.

On the morning of my surgery, Dr. O’Neill (with a BIG smile) came into my room to reassure me that everything was going to go smoothly. He is without a doubt a highly skilled surgeon! I am pain free and couldn’t be happier. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. O’Neill and the entire TCO & EXCEL staff. They are absolutely AMAZING!! THANK YOU Dr. O’Neill.

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“EXCEL Program recovery suites were fantastic!” — Tom O.

Dr. Asp, his staff, all nurses and PT at the EXCEL Program recovery suites were fantastic. I had a right hip replacement with the anterior approach. I was cautiously walking well, right out of the gate, from the surgery center and at the Excel recovery suite. I am an outdoors person and am three weeks out of surgery. I am walking well and already starting to do outdoorsy things I haven’t been able too for a long time.

This may be an early review with my surgery occurring only three weeks ago, so will add another review on my one year anniversary of having my right hip replaced.

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“Excellet care and awesome nurses!” — Jody W.

I was referred to Dr. Szalapski in November 2017 from a friend. I had total knee replacement in 2019 with very happy results. Dr. Szalapski’s assistant, Jessica, was a huge help. Love her! His team was great and very caring. I’m so happy I could walk again with no pain. I went back again to see him in September 2020 to get my right knee replaced. Tracy, on his team, was awesome and I’m glad that they did not do staples on the incision but glue instead. That healed much faster and looks much better than it would have with staples. Thank you Tracy! I am on my way to a great recovery. Once again, thanks to Dr Szalapski and his team. I also loved the Excel Program! That was the best place ever instead of being in a hospital! There was excellent care and awesome nurses with great, private rooms too!

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“I have my life back again!” — Jody

I had hip replacement surgery through the Excel Program in June 2020. I was terrified to have surgery, but in unbearable pain. My life had come to a halt due to limited mobility and pain, so replacement was my only option. Dr. Owen O’Neill offered me reassurance that he “would get me through this” and he did exactly that! The pain following surgery is so much less than the pain before. Every staff I had contact with was professional, kind and compassionate, which put me at ease. Their knowledge and skill was notable. I had PT through TCO after surgery and again, with excellent staff, and I made good progress. Before surgery I did not even get 500 steps a day on my Fitbit, but now I easily get 10-12,000, without using a cane! I can put on my socks and shoes without pain. I can get into my car without intense pain. Sitting, standing, walking and sleeping are all pain-free now. I am eternally grateful to Dr. O’Neill and all the staff at TCO in their clinic and EXCEL program. As a nurse, and as a patient, I would highly recommend Dr. O’Neill and the TCO EXCEL program. I feel like I have my life back again, and this is huge!

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“They exceeded my expectations.” — Mary R.

The EXCEL program at TCO took a tough knee procedure and made it easier. From Dr. Meyer to every nurse and staff member, they exceeded my expectations. The physical therapy team of Mike and Nikki were amazing! Keep up the great work you do!

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“The EXCEL Program was awesome!” — Glenda N.

I had a great experience from beginning to end. I have been able to walk without assistance since the day of my surgery. The care I received from everyone was great and the EXCEL program was awesome! I highly recommend Dr. Arntson and his team.

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“My recovery was unbelievably fast and easy!” — Laurie M.

I had a total hip replacement performed by Dr. Owen O’Neill in July 2020. My daughter, a PA at TCO, recommended Dr. O’Neill. My experience with Dr. O’Neill, his staff, the surgery center and the Excel Program was nothing short of outstanding. The entire process, from preparation/education to post surgery care was seamless, professional and compassionate. My recovery was unbelievably fast and easy. I am so grateful to Dr. O’Neill for helping me get to get back to long walks, biking and pain free living!

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“The EXCEL program with TCO was a great program!” — Tracie E.

Dr. Crowe and his team are top notch! My back and leg pain are gone! The EXCEL program with TCO was a great program during this virus pandemic.

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“I quite literally have my life back with two new knees.” — Gene O.

Prior to my surgery I could not play golf and going up or down stairs was difficult and painful. My overall activity level was low. I was also suffering from mild depression due to my poor knee joint health. Dr. Meyer had replaced my right knee joint two years ago and the results were excellent. My most recent surgery was again through the EXCEL program and Dr. Meyer did an outstanding job replacing my badly deteriorated left knee. My recovery progressed well and my overall experience exceeded my expectations in every respect. I quite literally have my life back with two new knees. I cannot recommend Dr. Meyer and the EXCEL program highly enough. Both were outstanding.

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“The EXCEL program is a wonderful program with great care” — Rebecca G.

Dr. O’Neill is a fantastic surgeon. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone needing orthopedic care. He is extremely knowledgeable as well as compassionate and kind. I underwent a total knee replacement on 3/2/20 with much anxiety prior to surgery but after meeting with Dr. O’Neill and his team I felt so reassured and confident going forward. Dr. O’Neill was very attentive during my care suite stay and with my follow-up care. Dr. O’Neill was readily available with any questions I had during my home recovery. The EXCEL program is a wonderful program with great care from nurses, physical therapists and Dr O’Neill. I am SO SO glad I found Dr. O’Neill and went with the EXCEL program instead of the hospital route. PT staff were great and the RNs and coordinators kindly took care of my requests promptly. My recovery was great as well. At the end of week one my flexion was 110 degrees and 140 degrees by beginning of the 3rd week! I am now able to walk without pain! Dr. Owen O’Neill IS THE best surgeon. I can not recommend him highly enough! #1 Physician.

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“The entire process from when I first met him to the successful recovery of my hip replacement was all very smooth.” — Cynthia F.

I am truly grateful for Dr. Anseth, Heidi and his entire team. I had the pleasure of being in the EXCEL Program and am thrilled to share that this program, Dr. Anseth and his team are second to none. The entire process from when I first met him to the successful recovery of my hip replacement was all very smooth. As one who has not had a lot of surgeries I was a bit nervous when I made the decision to get my hip replaced. But, I knew I was in the hands of a very capable and highly competent surgeon who has hired the best team. TCO has the EXCEL process down to a science. In every step of the way I felt like a patient that they valued from beginning to end. Pain management was highly mastered. The entire team is all very knowledgeable and highly professional. Dr. Anseth IS a Top Doctor! Today I walk with no pain. I thank him for restoring the quality of my life and being the awesome doctor that he is! It is an honor to endorse him and his practice. TCO is second to none!

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“I had the shoulder replacement done and was home in one day.” — Geoff T.

Visited TCO in late November 2019 and saw Dr. Hunt for a sore shoulder. I thought it was related to an old rotor cuff repair but instead was a wore out joint. I had the shoulder replacement done 12/11/19 and was home in one day. Other than the surgical block I needed no other pain meds. Dr. Hunt and the EXCEL Program were great.

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“The EXCEL program is great. You can’t hold me back just because of the pain anymore.” — Keven D.

With overnight care after surgery, immediate physical therapy and scheduled PT sessions, all wrapped into one bill, it could be considered radical! It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. It greatly relieved stress from my wife and I. We knew we were in good hands. Being an active person, I wanted to return to my normal activities as soon as possible. The EXCEL program did just that. I can now live the life I want without limitation. You can’t hold me back just because of the pain anymore.

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“Friendly, fun, efficient, helpful and we can tell you love your jobs” —

TCO Magic!
Gary had a total knee replacement today with the EXCEL Program in Edina. Crosstown Surgery Center staff… you’re nothing less than amazing. Friendly, fun, efficient, helpful and we can tell you love your jobs. Kathy and Therese… so tolerant of me, so great at what you do. Wonderful first and lasting impression. Nathan- you rock! Best IV dude ever and you’re such a joy to be around. Thanks for making this experience fun. Jason, you’re just awesome.

Anesthesiologist Dr. Segal, you gave us such confidence and peace going into this. You’re the best and we were so blessed you were there with us today. Not enough words to thank or sum up surgeon Dr. John Anderson and PA Tom Gendron. Seasoned veterans that exude never ending skill, class, kindness and compassion. The nurses with EXCEL, Jen, Cory, PT Mary Ann. We’d be lost without you. Your care, guidance and kindness in the aftermath, is the cherry on the top of the best surgical experience we could ask for.

Gary and I can’t thank you all enough but we sure can brag about having the best care the Twin Cities can offer. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Many thanks and blessings to you all.
Gary and Sue

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“Every aspect of care was covered under the EXCEL program” — Christine K.

I am recommending Dr. Owen O’Neill and his team with TCO to EVERYONE, because, simply put, they are EXCELLENT and THEY TRULY CARE. I had struggled with my hip conditions since birth on and off and at “end stage” received recommendations from Mayo to seek out Dr. O’Neill. Dr. O’Neill made room in his busy schedule immediately and once he saw me, scheduled surgery services ASAP. I will forever be grateful, especially since at this point, I could barely walk and was in constant pain. Not only was I greeted with great compassion, respect and professionalism by Dr. O’Neill, but also by his entire team. Everyone worked hand in hand very smoothly and I was thoroughly prepared for surgery and truly had the best experience and outcome. Every aspect of care was covered under the EXCEL program, including education, post-surgery care and a simplified convenient billing package. Every detail, every need was anticipated and I was well set up for success. Dr. O’Neill and his staff ALL are very approachable and made themselves available for support 24/7. Truly, I now have a NEW LIFE, new energy, a smile on my face, and NO MORE PAIN. I know there is a good chance that I will have to receive surgery on my other hip at some time in the future. In that case, for certain, I have already chosen Dr. O’Neill and his team for the job. I could not have asked for a better team, service, and outcome and forever will feel grateful and blessed.

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“The EXCEL Program was awesome.” — John A.

Dr. O’Keefe and physical therapist Ron are fantastic. The EXCEL Program was awesome. All knee professionals and billing wasn’t confusing (very simple). Everything scheduled with therapy was very organized. They made me feel comfortable and confident that everything was well planned.

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“I couldn’t be happier with my care from TCO & the EXCEL program” — Michael S.

Dear Justina,

I am a big fan of TCO/EXCEL! I couldn’t be happier with my care from TCO & the EXCEL program.

The decision to move ahead with a knee replacement wasn’t easy for me. I had knee surgery years ago and it wasn’t a great experience. You all took the time to listen and to make me feel valued and respected, treating me as you would want to be treated. Kudo’s to all.

Dr. John Anderson showed great care and concern and his put me at ease. I was always confident that I had selected a great Doctor. Thomas Gendron, Dr. Anderson’s Surgical Assistant, was a great help thru post­op and always available for calls. Sue Vaness, Care Coordinator kept all the moving parts on track for me and made it as easy as can be.

I remember Erin & Kathy 2 great nurses in the recovery room with chapstick necklaces. I’m sorry for pulling out my intravenous line; I thought I was being stung by a bee.

And certainly the folks over at EXCEL, Marni G, Joint Coordinator and the fabulous nurses Donica, Alicia, Ashley E., Mimi & Jennifer and of course Laura my first Physical Therapist who got me started on the right track. You guys cheerfully took great care of me!

My recovery has been fantastic. I started PT right away, stretching and strengthening my leg.

At 5 weeks I was back at Yoga class 4 days a week and at the gym working the legs.

At about 4 month’s things started to feel almost normal.

At about 5 months, May/ June and was back on my bicycle doing 20 mile rides a few times a week

At about 9 months it seemed the strength in my right leg was about 75% back as was the flexibility. And now at 18 months Post Op I feel great and strong and flexible. Last month I went hiking in the Colorado Rockies.

I don’t really notice that I have a knee replacement.

When I went in for my pre-op consult with Dr. Anderson he explained the procedure and he told me that I would probably never be able to do a “Catchers Squat” (like a Baseball Catcher) again. In Yoga it’s called Malasana. At my 4 month checkup I showed him a “good” Malasana, Now at 18 months I have a great Malasana, better than Pre Op.

I’m very grateful for all your great care.

Michael S.

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“I felt as though I was number 1 on the list with the work that went into my case” — Charlie W.

My first experience with Dr. Saterbak was in 1999 for the repair of my left ACL. We crossed paths again in 2005 for a right ACL. In the meantime, the progression of osteoarthritis was being monitored in my left knee. I had gone through medications and variable injection treatments. I felt I had come to the end of the road in the fall of 2016 with the amount of pain persisting in my left knee. At that time, a visit to Dr. Saterbak resulted in an appointment to thoroughly investigate the possibility of a total knee replacement. All evidence pointed to that procedure and it was then scheduled for March 2017.

The whole procedure was to be performed as part of TCO’s EXCEL Program. The intro to final PT program that covered all aspects of the replacement and lifted concerns of outcomes.

Blue Cross Blue Shield had no issues with the funding. That was huge! Additionally, I felt as though I was number 1 on the list with the work that went into my case – the pre-op, surgery, post-op, follow-ups and PT.

Count me as a satisfied consumer of the program.

Charlie W.

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“I thought the TCO EXCEL Program was great.” — Martin P.

I thought the TCO EXCEL Program was great. This was my first surgery requiring an overnight stay and having such a comprehensive, well-explained process was really appreciated. Dr. Hunt gave a good high-level explanation of how it all worked and it exceeded my expectations. Once surgery was scheduled, everything went smoothly, was well explained, super simple billing process and Dr. Hunt and all my caregiving staff were friendly, professional and had me back on track for walking farther than I thought possible.

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“Knowing the cost in a bundle makes it so much easier on the patient.” — Terrie S.

My knee replacement by Dr. Chris Meyer in the TCO EXCEL Program was excellent! The all-inclusive program from the beginning to the end through physical therapy was comprehensive and beyond my expectations. No hassle billing was so nice – it was the way it should be. Knowing the cost in a bundle makes it so much easier on the patient.

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“Highly suggest both Dr. Mair and the TCO EXCEL Program.” — Neva M.

My right hip replacement performed by Dr. Mair was perfect. Everybody was great at Two Twelve Surgery Center. My pain was minimal due to how they managed it with their schedule. I was walking the evening of my surgery. I followed my directions from physical therapists and doctors, it’s like my hip was never replaced. Highly suggest both Dr. Mair and the TCO EXCEL Program.

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“My whole experience with the EXCEL Program at TCO was great.” — John P.

I would love the chance to see Dr. Steven Meisterling again and thank him for giving me my life back! The first time I went to see him in St. Croix Falls, I could barely walk into the clinic because my knee hurt so bad and it was affecting my hip too so that was sore. He showed me the x-rays of my knee and how little cartilage I had left. I was advised to first try wearing a neoprene brace on my knee which made an amazing difference for a while.

By the time of my operation, I was very bow-legged and limping very badly. All of the staff that I had dealt with were extremely helpful. I felt very comfortable going into the operation; the pre-op nurse and anesthesiologist were very comforting. My recovery was smooth with no problems and the staff checked in on me frequently. I loved my physical therapist, Dan Stark, during my recovery process as well – he was very helpful and such a nice guy.

My whole experience with the EXCEL Program at TCO was great. I would definitely recommend TCO to anyone and will not hesitate to go back if I ever need any similar procedures.

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“The EXCEL Program was just the program I needed for surgery.” — Jim P.

I had a fantastic experience. I referred a friend already to Dr. O’Neill for a hip replacement. I continue to work with TCO through Steve my trainer and use TCO for my orthopedic needs. The EXCEL Program was just the program I needed for surgery.

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“I am always quick to call out your names to refer people.” — John M.

I had been seeing Dr. Asp for a good amount of time (15+ years) in which I was receiving injections. As mentioned, this went on for quite a long period of time. I did the injections as I was not mentally ready/prepared for the replacement. Finally, in the beginning of 2017, I had made the decision to begin the total knee replacement because I really couldn’t stand the constant pain. I scheduled my first replacement on my right knee (the worst of the two) and became totally ready.

March came, I was anxious for the pain to be removed and ready for strenuous rehab and therapy to get up and about. I hit a snag in the therapy when I couldn’t get beyond the 80 degree bend due to a build-up of scar tissue. So a manipulation procedure was suggested and performed by Dr. Asp. Days later, I was pedaling full motion on the bike and my bend had increased to 105 degrees with continued physical therapy (Courtney was amazing). My bend was nearing 120 degrees and my straightening was near 0 degrees.

With all this happening, I knew I could go through another surgery to have my left knee repaired and through the skillful hands of Dr. Asp and his team (and the grace of god) I am happy to say that I am totally pain free and walking without any limitations and much to the delight of my wife, Lisa. Thank you Dr. Asp and the entire team at TCO. I am always quick to call out your names to refer people.

Thank you and best regards,

John M.

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“I was blown away by the overall process and how quickly I was back in action.” — Jason G.

I was blown away by the overall process and how quickly I was back in action. I am young and in relatively good shape and I was coached by a number of people about how key rehab is. It was crazy to think that in a few short hours, I was on my feet walking the hallways. The rooms and care I received from Dr. Kruse and staff in my short stay were fantastic. Again, I was really blown away with the surgery process, recovery center quality and overall recovery from a major surgery.

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“I couldn’t believe that I was walking the same day.” — Jay R.

My experience with Twin Cities Orthopedics and the EXCEL Program was very good. Dr. Panek is great. My hip replacement surgery went well. I couldn’t believe that I was walking the same day. It is amazing how much the new hip has improved my life. I’ve resumed sailboat racing and despite the pressure that it puts on my leg and hip, I have no pain. I ride my bike, walk miles on trips, ice skate, and participate in other activities. My leg feels so good that I often forget that I have an artificial hip. Sometimes when I go through airport or sporting event screenings, I forget to tell them and set off the alarm.

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“While participating in the EXCEL Program and with the expertise of Dr. Panek and his team, I have made a successful recovery from knee replacement surgery.” — Claire M.

I had been living with knee pain for years and had visited several Orthopedic Physicians. Once I met Dr. Panek and his team, I immediately felt comfortable that they would handle my issues. Had a knee replacement in June 2018 and I can truly say “why did I wait so long?’ Due to the skill of Dr. Panek, I now feel better than I have in years!
While participating in the EXCEL program and with the expertise of Dr. Panek and his team, I have made a successful recovery from knee replacement surgery. I am back to kayaking, bike riding, walking digging in my garden, re-arranging (large) rocks in my garden and living life to the fullest!

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“The recovery was swift and the care was excellent.” — Cheryl W.

Almost ten years ago Dr. O’Neill replaced my right knee. It had been damaged in an auto accident several years earlier and caused me considerable pain and an awkward gait. I was and I am still very happy with that new knee. No pain and no limp! When my left knee needed to be replaced I did not hesitate to see Dr. O’Neill. I had the surgery in January and participated in the EXCEL Program. The recovery was swift and the care was excellent. I appreciated the personable and professional and care I received, not only from Dr. O’Neill, but also from his office and clinical staff. They provided great information, listened to my questions, addressed my concerns and seemed happy to do it. Now that spring is finally here, I am delighted to be out walking the neighborhood!

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“Everyone goes above and beyond to answer questions from insurance to logistics and everything in between.” — Arthur S.

I had my right hip replaced just over 3 years ago before moving to MN using the posterior approach. My doctor was great (a friend of the family) and my surgery was successful. I walked away completely satisfied and knowing I had received the “white glove” treatment. So when my left hip started acting up, I strongly suspected we were heading down the same path.

Dr. O’Neill and team confirmed that my cartilage had left the building and I prepared for the ordeal all over again. Going on disability and 6 – 8 weeks of down time needing assistance etc. Then Dr. O’Neill carefully explained that a new anterior approach procedure is performed by the team and with results that left me doubting what I was hearing in spite of the logic behind it. Back to work in a couple of weeks (no disability), being able to start swimming and other activities (especially walking) almost immediately, and likely no physical therapy needed. Then I was told about the EXCEL Program and how this group has put together a team and a plan that covers every possible detail of the prep, surgery, and post-op care. I knew that I was in good hands because every concern that I had based on the first hip being done was clearly being addressed. Most of all, my previous Doctor said just be sure the new procedure is being done by someone who has a good deal of experience with it. Dr. O’Neill fits that having successfully performed the procedure many times after spending a great deal of time researching and training. His expertise is on display daily.

I am 4 months and some change out from surgery and I need to say that the difference in recovery this time is amazing. There are fewer restrictions in general. I was walking the day of and have not stopped since. Back in the pool as soon as the wound had healed and swimming easily. I began working from home ten days post-op which really was amazing compared to the earlier procedure (6 weeks before working from home). I had no need for pain medication after the third day post-op stronger than Celebrex (as a person in recovery, this was almost more of a concern than the procedure). I was given the ok to drive as soon as I stopped pain medication but waited 2 weeks to ease the concern of family. Everything I had been told prior to surgery was spot on and or even better than described.

I need to say a few words about the team at TCO. They not only are caring and supportive throughout the process but anticipate just about every question, concern and need in advance. Everyone goes above and beyond to answer questions from insurance to logistics and everything in between. The day of surgery team was caring, professional and on top of things. The overnight nursing care is nothing short of extraordinary and the next day/discharge team left nothing unanswered. The folks at follow up visits from the front desk to the team assisting Dr. O’Neill are fantastic. If you are considering options for a hip replacement, I cannot encourage you enough to look into this team and the work that they are doing. I am so grateful to have been a patient.

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“Both procedures and my experiences with them, to include the EXCEL Program and High Point Surgery Center, were nothing but positive.” — Kyle K.

January of 2014 I had my left hip replaced by Dr. Comfort. April of 2018 I had my right hip done, again by Dr. Comfort. My recent surgery included participation in the EXCEL Program and was carried out at the High Point Surgery Center. Both procedures and my experiences with them, to include the EXCEL Program and High Point Surgery Center, were nothing but positive. I am 6 weeks out of my recent procedure and recovering well, to the extent that I am back to work and suffering only minimal muscle soreness. I would very much like to thank Dr. Comfort, Molly his assistant, and Dave for the great care they gave me through the process. Their care and talents have given me back the ability to enjoy a pain free lifestyle. Overall, I would highly recommend Dr. Comfort and his staff. Thank you Dr. Comfort and Twin Cities Orthopedic for the quality care given.

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“The limiting factor for all of us was the altitude, not my hip!” — Tannie S.

I liked the EXCEL program and felt the care that I received from Dr. Arthur and staff at Interlude, Plymouth was excellent. My goal was to go on a previously planned trip to Peru about 3 1/2 months post-op with my husband and sons, ages 22 and 25. I was able to do everything I had hoped to in Peru; including a 5 mile round-trip hike through a muddy, rutted ravine to and from Lake Sandoval in the Amazon rainforest, and hiking and climbing around Machu Picchu, where the limiting factor for all of us was the altitude, not my hip!

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“Outstanding examples of innovative health care at its best.” — Kolean P.

Dr. Michael Nemanich (Twin Cities Orthopedics) saved the quality of my life! Prior to my anterior hip replacement surgery, I had debilitating pain that significantly limited my physical activities and had a negative effect on my mental health. I am truly grateful for his excellent skills as a surgeon and a caring medical professional. I now have NO pain in my hip joint and am swimming, taking Pilates classes and walking regularly. I even completed a seven-mile hike in Banff National Park seven weeks after my surgery!

I had a very positive experience being a patient in TCO’s comprehensive total joint program. From the free pre-op education (Hip Replacement Camp) to the surgery to the post-op recovery process. Plus, TCO’s one simplified invoice made for a clearly understandable and stress-free billing process.

Dr. Nemanich and TCO’s EXCEL Joint Replacement Program are outstanding examples of innovative health care at its best.

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“I have only good things to say about the EXCEL program…” — Andy B.

I have only good things to say about the EXCEL program and my knee replacement done by Dr. Saterbak. The program is brilliant. I had a setback after a couple months but all was covered. Thank you!

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“I am amazed at the outcome. I feel like I am 20 years younger…” — Michele B.

I have been working with Dr. Knowlan for many years due to my degenerative arthritis in both of my knees. When the pain and the loss of function became intolerable, we decided it was time for the replacements. His knowledge, experience, and communication were essential in determining which knee to do first, and how soon after to do the second knee. I call it my medical miracle. I am amazed at the outcome. I feel like I am 20 years younger, because the limited function and pain made me feel 10 years older than I actually am. Sometimes I forget how painful and difficult it was to use my knees. Yet, every now and then I realize that I’m walking up stairs without pain, and I smile! I even have to remind myself that I don’t have to use the hand railing. I can stand, walk, and play golf without pain. I can shop without pain. At the end of a long day at work, I walk out to my car and realize how much energy I still have. It has been a life changer for me. I am grateful every day for my knee replacements. Dr. Knowlan is my hero! That may sound a little over the top, but my life is so much better now.

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“Best knee replacement so far!” — Luella B.

Best knee replacement so far! I’d definitely do it again if I had another knee to replace. Dr. Brian O’Neill replaced both knees and both knees are doing great!

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“Overall a great experience. So very happy to be moving again.” — Rita H.

I have my right knee replaced April 5, 2017 and my left knee replaced October 17, 2017, both by Dr. Bjerke. The staff all took great care of me. I have had wonderful results. The best thing is that I can walk pain free. This winter I have been ice skating and cross country skiing. Overall a great experience. So very happy to be moving again. The only advice I have for anyone thinking about having this done is: BE PATIENT. It may take 2-3 months before you start feeling that it was worth it! But it is the most wonderful thing ever!

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“I had a very positive experience.” — Matt B.

I had both knees replaced by Dr. Kelly at TCO as part of the EXCEL Program and had a very positive experience. Everyone I had dealings with through the process was friendly, knowledgeable and competent.

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“Thank you TCO for a life changing experience.” — Cheryl B.

Met Dr. O’Neill many years ago and he has provided care on both knees from start to finish. Dr O’Neill, Bethany and Jen have been an amazing staff to work with. My life has changed with 2 brand new knees! The physical therapy department, Kyle and Eric were a team that helped me regain my strength and worked with me to get through exercises that were not always pleasant, but necessary to get me back on the road to recovery! I never hesitate to refer students, friends and family to TCO for orthopedic injuries. For any friends with knee issues, I guide them to Dr. Brian O’Neill as the go to doctor! Thank you TCO for a life changing experience.

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“I felt my best option was the EXCEL program at TCO with Dr. Kruse.” — Paul A.

40 years ago I had a major knee injury. Basically, I had to live with it and make the best of the situation until (as several orthopedists told me) I knew it was time to do a knee replacement. Last year that time came, and I researched my options regarding locations and orthopedists to perform this procedure. I felt my best option was the EXCEL program at TCO with Dr. Kruse. The EXCEL program is well designed for a person that is motivated to do the work necessary to regain their quality of life. In EXCEL, TCO is there in every step along the way to support you. It’s not easy… it’s hard work… but you always have the TCO staff, as well as the structure of the EXCEL program, to guide you through the journey. Dr. Kruse was great to work with. He was very honest and open about what he could do, and what I needed to do, to make this a success. He has been very supportive and caring through the entire experience. One thing I really liked about EXCEL was the fact that everything I did was “in-house” through TCO and I didn’t need to go anywhere else. Another benefit of this structure was I made one payment to TCO and didn’t have to deal with a mountain of invoices from many different providers.

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“I was very fortunate to be in the TCO EXCEL Program…” — Janet M.

Less than seven weeks ago I had a total knee replacement. I had full confidence in Dr. Steven Meisterling, and the result has been outstanding. The X-rays and the incision are perfect, pain is managed and I received overall great care. I was fortunate to be in the TCO EXCEL Program, recommended by Dr. Meisterling, and high praise for the medical and PT care I have received. Thank you, Dr. Meisterling and team!

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“My quality of life has improved so much.” — Jan A.

Hello Mr. Simonson — I just wanted to pass along some positive feedback on my experiences with TCO and the EXCEL Program.

I had total knee replacement surgery on my left knee in July 2017 and my right knee in November 2017 through the EXCEL Program and with Dr. Kruse.  I had never had any surgeries until these so I was very nervous about doing it.  But after my first appointment with Dr. Kruse, I was confident I was in good hands and now that it’s all done, I was right!

All of the people I came in contact with from TCO were wonderful.  They always made me feel cared for and treated me like I was their only patient.  Dr. Kruse was so great and made me feel at ease every step of the way.  Everyone at the Minnesota Orthopedic Surgery Center in Fridley as well as the Coon Rapids location where I had all my pre and post appointments and physical therapy were also great.  My recovery time at Bel Rae was very comfortable and the nurses and therapists that worked with me there were amazing as well.

I want to give special mention about the therapists that spent so much time with me, Amy Lindell and Jason Bezdichek.  They are both so skilled at their jobs and were fantastic “coaches” by encouraging me and guiding me through the therapy.  When I would tell them what I was struggling with or pain I was having, they were so caring and tailored the exercises they had me doing and when I followed what they said, it always helped.  I was so lucky to be assigned to them!  I’d appreciate you passing this along to whoever their direct boss is.

Finally and most importantly, since having the surgeries, my quality of life has improved so much.  Being able to simply walk without knee pain has been awesome!  I’ve started using stairs instead of avoiding them and simple household chores have also become so much easier.  And, I’ve already been able to start doing my main hobbies pain free and have enjoyed them so much more (horseback riding and archery).

I’ve already recommended TCO to others and will continue to do so.  Again, a huge thank you to everyone at TCO!

Best regards,

Jan A.

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“It was wonderful to receive one bill…” — Nancy L.

Dr. Gulli just performed my second total knee replacement which was a huge success, as my first surgery. Dr. Gulli and his entire team have always been extremely professional and always available to answer any questions I may have. I participated in the EXCEL Program, allowing me to know before surgery what my total financial obligation was. Also it was wonderful to receive one bill for all of the costs. I was transported to Interlude and was extremely happy with the care of the RN and PT while staying there a very short time. I would highly recommend Dr. Gulli and his team.

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“Remarkable! Great care from a great team!” — Jody K.

Excellent experience! I was home in one day and I never required use of a walker or cane. Went back to hot yoga five times per week after my six week check up. Pain free! I hiked in Europe (Corsica and Sardinia) less than six months after replacement. It was a 15 day trip with 4-7 hours of hiking per day.  Remarkable! Great care from a great team!

*Jody was a participant in TCO’s EXCEL Program and had a hip replacement with Dr. Anseth

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“Would recommend to anyone…” — Matt B.

I had an incredible experience from start to finish. Dr. O’Neill and the staff were wonderful, and the EXCEL Program is excellent. Would recommend to anyone.

*Matt was a participant in TCO’s EXCEL Program and had anterior approach hip replacement with Dr. Owen O’Neill

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“I honestly cannot imagine going through the TKA experience any other way…” — Jennifer K.

I had been seeing Dr. O’Neill for several years for arthritis in my knee. I finally reached the point where it made sense to schedule my TKA surgery, and I was so pleased when Dr. O’Neill suggested the EXCEL Program. Knowing that infection is a serious risk with the surgery, and also knowing that the risk of contracting an infection in the hospital was even higher, I was ecstatic to find out that I could avoid hospitalization altogether. I was also thrilled to be given the opportunity to recuperate in a non-hospital setting that wasn’t a transitional care facility.

The entire experience was positive. The staff was amazing. My primary care nurse, Ashley Swenson, was fantastic. She was supportive and gave me all the information I needed in a way that was respectful and informational. Her care during my stay at the EXCEL suites couldn’t have been better, as well as the PT. I so much appreciated the comfortable environment that didn’t feel like a clinical setting. It was so helpful to have the physical therapy room right across the hall, and to be able to work with the PT during my stay in an environment that was so inviting. Ashley’s discharge instructions were thorough and easy to understand. She was even willing to talk with me and respond to emails following my surgery, which was so appreciated and helpful.

Marni Gorowsky, my EXCEL RN contact, was an absolute angel throughout my recuperation after I left the EXCEL facility. I cannot overly express how incredibly comforting, helpful and essential it was to be able to email Marni throughout my recovery. I had the added hassle and discomfort of coming down with severe bronchitis at the same time, and Marni’s coaching and advice helped me and my husband through some pretty dark hours. She allayed my fears and gave me fantastic direction on how to manage my pain, swelling, anemia and general recovery.

I honestly cannot imagine going through the TKA experience any other way. And, finally, the PT experience at the TCO PT office with Seth Engberg was equally positive. Seth personalized my PT so that I always felt my unique physical abilities were taken into account. I was adamant about increasing my strength and range of motion, and Seth worked with me to find the best exercises that fit my personal goals.

It has been six months since my surgery. While I have to say it was by far the physically most difficult and painful thing I have ever experienced, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I have my full range of motion back, far beyond what I had hoped. My knee is less swollen than it has been in many years. I am virtually pain-free and drug-free. I rarely, if at all, even take an ibuprofen, where it previously was part of my regular “diet” along with much stronger drugs.

I am golfing, biking, walking, and back to work at a much higher level of physical stamina than before. And I do believe that Dr O’Neill’s elegant work and the outstanding care model of the EXCEL Program are largely responsible. I’ve spoken to other TKA patients who did not have any where near the positive recovery experience that I have had.

Thank you Dr. O’Neill, TCO, Ashley, Marni, and Seth! Keep doing what you are doing.

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“By the time I came into the office, I was sure that Dr. O’Neill was the right surgeon…” — Patricia C.

My right hip had been degenerating for several years. I had little pain for most of that time. My range of motion, though, was impacted, eventually contributing to a pronounced limp and a left lumbar disk herniation. I spent part of a year in a wheelchair, and then a walker and cane. I researched my surgery as I addressed the herniation with Dr. David Holte at Twin Cities Orthopedics.

Dr. O’Neill’s name came up prominently in my internet searches and referrals for anterior hip replacement surgery. Dr. Holte also recommended him. By the time I came into the office, I was sure that Dr. O’Neill was the right surgeon. To my pleasant surprise though, the benefits were even greater. The EXCEL Program addressed so many of my needs and concerns.

I am now seven months beyond surgery. I returned to work after two months. I continued home and clinical rehabilitation which has allowed me to exercise again – moderate walks, light weights, stretching, and the treadmill. Many people have commented on my recovery after seeing me so disabled for a year.
Thank you, Dr. O’Neill and EXCEL Program for an excellent process and outcome.

*Patricia had a hip replacement with Dr. Owen O’Neill as a participant in TCO’s EXCEL Program

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“The hip replacement surgery went better than I could have ever expected…” — Sidney J.

The hip replacement surgery went better than I could have ever expected, just like Dr. O’Neill said it would. Very impressed with every single staff member and the EXCEL Program. It was great. I have referred a friend who took another friend with her. That is how much I believe in your program.

*Sidney had a hip replacement with Dr. Owen O’Neill as a participant in TCO’s EXCEL Program

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“TCO and Dr. O’Neill provided an exceptional patient experience for me…” — Brian K

After five years of degenerative hip issues, I had my right hip replaced by Dr. O’Neill through TCO’s EXCEL Program. Three days after surgery I was walking without discomfort or use of a walker. Two weeks post surgery I was back on my bike riding without pain or restrictions. I am looking forward to having my left hip replaced by Dr. O’Neill within the next 12-24 months. TCO and Dr. O’Neill provided an exceptional patient experience for me.

*Brian had a hip replacement with Dr. Owen O’Neill as a participant in TCO’s EXCEL Program

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“Overall I had an excellent experience with Dr. Teynor…” — Mark V.

Overall I had an excellent experience with Dr. Teynor and the EXCEL Program. I was in the EXCEL Program for my second knee replacement. There were two things I most appreciated. First, the post surgery care was very personalized and the setting was much better for recovery compared to a hospital. Second, the single bill that covered the entire procedure was much appreciated. I highly recommend this program for those who qualify.

*Mark had a knee replacement with Dr. Joseph Teynor as a participant in TCO’s EXCEL Program

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“I applaud all of your great nurses and physical therapists…” — Mary S.

Everyone was so nice and there when I needed them. They answered all my questions with a smile. Thanks it made the day go so much easier.

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“Everything went great!” — Joann S.

Everything went great! The surgery went fast and all the nurses were good with me. They checked on me all the time to see if I needed anything. I spent the night in rehab and went for a 2 a.m. walk with the nurse. The next day everyone came to see me about my hip and gave me tips about what to do and what not to do. I went home that day and was already healing well. The nurses are great and always help if you need it. You all keep up the good work and thank you for everything!

*Joann had a hip replacement with Dr. Jonathan Asp as a participant in TCO’s EXCEL Program

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“I haven’t felt this good in years…” — Janelle K.

I haven’t felt this good in years and finally have my life back. According to my family, friends, and neighbors, my recovery was incredible and amazing. The neighbors saw me walking to the corner when I got the home the day after surgery and around the block the third day after surgery. By the fourth day post-surgery I was shopping with a friend. I used a walker until I came home from that shopping trip, then decided I didn’t need it and went to a cane for a few days. My surgery was June 15; by the middle of July I marched in the Aquatennial Parade and went hiking in the Grand Canyon the beginning of August. I haven’t felt one twinge of pain since I went in for surgery and had stopped all pain medicine after four days.

A woman from church encouraged me to see Dr. Brian O’Neill at Twin Cities Orthopedics, where she works. She told me about the great results his patients had and that most came to their two week checkup walking normally. I had the anterior approach total hip replacement surgery. I was very pleased with the information I was given to prepare myself for surgery. The class was helpful also, not only for me but for my husband to know what to expect after surgery. I found that the anterior approach had much fewer restrictions during recovery. I cannot say enough about the level of care I received, as well as the friendliness of everyone. I won’t hesitate to have the same surgery on my other hip.

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“I could not have been happier with TCO!” — Kris L.

I could not have been happier with TCO – from start to finish it has been a very positive experience. All were so good to always communicate so I knew what to expect in time leading up to surgery, through surgery and throughout the recovery process. Very happy with Dr. Mair, Michelle, and Justine- they all took the time to answer all of my questions and let me know exactly what to expect. I also loved having surgery at the 212 building. It was a perfect fit for me! The room was great, nurses were so nice, great food, room was nice and quiet.

One thing I really appreciate is that Dr. Mair is very conservative. He did not recommend surgery until we had looked at all my options. I was so thankful that he was my doctor throughout the time leading up to surgery, during surgery, and therapy. I had total confidence in Dr. Mair and his team. They have been wonderful!

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“Many Adventures Await for Victoria and Her New Knee!” — Victoria V.

After more than five years of supportive, conservative knee pain management, my strength and stability had collapsed. It became apparent by continued pain, an x-ray and MRI, that it was my time for a total knee replacement. Dr. Heikes had been helping me manage my pain for years and helped as I moved into needing a new knee. Having the EXCEL program as an option with TCO made my decision to do it now, that much easier.

Focused, multidisciplinary post-operative care in a non-hospital environment was optimal for me and my family. With my insurances’ approval, I took part in the TCO EXCEL Program having a left total knee replacement in June of 2015. I received top notch care and was walking down the hall that afternoon after an intense physical and occupational therapy session. With my own training at home, I am not looking back! Many adventures await!

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“I will continue to refer patients to Dr. Owen O’Neill and the EXCEL Program.” — Bob K.

My experience with Twin Cities Orthopedics and the EXCEL Program was great from start to finish. We only had one hiccup during my time at TCO. There was a thunderstorm on the day of my surgery and the air conditioning went out at the surgery center. Dr. Owen O’Neill explained the safety issues and the team handled the situation very professionally. Due to the safety matters, we decided to move my surgery to the next day. This demonstrated how important it is to focus on the safety of the patient and showed how efficiently a situation can be managed. It was out of the control of the surgical team, yet managed very well.

The entire team from office visits, to surgery, to overnight recovery, to post-surgical visits was very professional and enjoyable.

I know Dr. Owen O’Neill has seen three new patients at my referral since my surgery in May. I will continue to refer patients to Dr. Owen O’Neill and the EXCEL Program.  Thank you!

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“Dr. O’Neill and the entire staff at Twin Cities Orthopedics were great!” — Elliot L.

From start to finish, Dr. O’Neill and the entire staff at Twin Cities Orthopedics were great. He totally explained everything to me before, during and after my hip replacement. From bone to bone and now, no hip pain!

I am deeply appreciative for his knowledge and know how, and for the excellent care I received. I would recommend Dr. Owen O’Neill and TCO to anyone.

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“Today I am pain free and can walk for miles!” — Nancy S.

I lived with chronic hip pain for 5 years or more, dreading the thought of surgery. Thinking that there would be at best trade-offs and the down side to surgery I must say that my experience with TCO was excellence all the way. My pain was under control, my surgeon was the best, the care providers at my overnight recovery were great. My recovery was right on schedule, within 6 weeks I was walking with no cane. Best of all I did not have to take Celebrex or pain meds or sleeping pills. Today I am pain free and can walk for miles! Getting my hips replaced was the best thing I could have done for myself and TCO came through with their words with flying colors.

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“Everyone I dealt with was kind, respectful, and understanding. A real class act!” — Teri B.

From the beginning I knew I was in good hands with Dr. Teynor and the EXCEL surgery and recovery team. Dr. Teynor gave me confidence by even including me in the EXCEL program.

I was prepared in Justina’s class for anything that I might encounter, and throughout the process, she and her “manual” provided me with every answer. Dr. Teynor’s surgery was stellar, very successful (even on the very work state of my knee plagued by a 40+ year old injury).

The staff at York Gardens held me up through the difficult days following surgery, with timely and very professional care, service, and advice. The Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy staff challenged me appropriately and Justina gave me calm and hope.

My experience with TCO Physical Therapy was outstanding. My needs were read clearly by Angie and Jen – they kept me accountable, even when I didn’t feel “accelerated”, with patience, humor, and direct communication. I was vulnerable and they knew how to encourage and promote my growth through my resistance. Dr. Troy was ever encouraging and gave clear analysis and helpful advice during my aftercare appointments. Because of this phenomenal staff, I knew what was expected and I was inspired to keep striving, even though some of the recovery was difficult.

I am grateful to Dr. Teynor, Dr. Troy, Justina, Angie, Jen, the nurses on staff at York Gardens, the Physical Therapy on staff at York – to everyone. EXCEL is an incredible program and I would highly recommend it to anyone, without reservation. Thank you for believing in me, helping me heal and recover and bringing me to this wonderful state of stability.

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“Completely and totally pain and discomfort free!” — Kristin C.

My only regret is that I didn’t do the surgery sooner! I put it off for too long, thinking I needed to wait until I was older (I am 46). I had no idea how much pain and discomfort I was in until I awoke from surgery. Completely and totally pain free, discomfort free!

Dr. Mair and his staff are amazing! I loved everything about my recovery suite (wish I could have stayed longer) and my nursing staff was wonderful. It was a wonderful experience, it really was!

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“An overall great experience with Dr. Teynor.” — Gary P.

I found all aspects of my hip replacement, treatment and care to be a great experience. Accommodations, food, and above all, the people who worked on and with me were terrific.

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“Everyone I dealt with was kind, respectful, and understanding. A real class act!” — Angela D.

When deciding the best course of action for my knee replacement surgery, I chose the Twin Cities Orthopedics EXCEL Program for several reasons.

It was very important to me that I minimize the risk of complications from such an invasive surgery. Dr. Anseth explained to me that there was a lower percentage of risk of infection by having my surgery at the Twin Cities Orthopedics Surgery Center rather than at a traditional hospital. In addition, I would not need to spend the first day or two in the hospital prior to going to an extended care facility. The EXCEL Program allowed me to be transported directly from the surgery center to the extended care facility. This enabled me to begin physical therapy literally immediately and shortened my overall length of stay.

While in the extend care facility, I received excellent care! I was monitored twenty-four hours a day. My pain level was monitored closely, taken seriously, and addressed immediately. Everyone I dealt with was kind, respectful, and understanding. A real class act!

To my husband and I, the best part came after I returned home. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING), was included into one bill! This saved us so much time consuming paperwork and frustration. This was extremely convenient.

I would definitely recommend the EXCEL program!

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“I had an excellent experience with the EXCEL Program” — Peggy D.

My experience with TCO was a very positive experience. I first went there in January of 2014 when I fell at work and tore my rotator cuff. Dr. Kelly was my physician. I had surgery in February to repair the tear. I shared with Dr. Kelly that I had planned to get my knee replacement in the spring and was disappointed that it wouldn’t happen. His reply was, “oh we can do that.” He told me he also did knees and depending on my recovery from shoulder surgery, it could probably be done in May.

Well, I had a great recovery and while still getting Physical Therapy, discussed having the knee replacement done.

The staff was very excited to tell me that I would qualify to go through the EXCEL program. Not having to be in the hospital was very appealing and having a class about the procedure was very helpful. York Gardens, where you go for recovery, was a beautiful and very comfortable facility!

The surgery went well, and it was very comforting to have Dr. Kelly and Lindsay in the operating room. Going to the room at York Gardens was so nice and the staff there was very helpful and pleasant.

The Physical Therapist was patient but yet encouraged me to do what I needed to do. The food was very tasty. I felt I was in an apartment and not in a hospital room.

I would, and have, recommended the EXCEL program to persons who need a knee replacement. I appreciate all the help I got from all of the staff. From the appointment desk to the Physical Therapists, and everything in between, I am very happy with the experience and outcome!

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“I send a heartfelt thank you to all of those involved in the EXCEL Program” — Elizabeth L.

The surgical team was phenomenal and everyone left me feeling confident and well cared for. I especially appreciated that my best friend was able to be with me up until it was time to roll into the operating room. It was such a big help in reducing that intensely anxious pre-operating feeling!

After surgery I was able to recover at the EXCEL center instead of the hospital. I absolutely recommend that to anyone who is able to qualify. I couldn’t get over the superb care and quiet, peaceful environment. Thank you Justina and company! You are all fantastic!

And it meant a lot to me that Dr. O’Neill came to see me that eve (surgery day) and walked with me a bit. It is such a great feeling that my doctor is as excited about these results as his patients are. And yes, I was up walking with my walker in just hours after my surgery. I went from walker to a cane within a few days, and within a week and a half, I no longer needed the cane. By one month post-op I was walking 3-4 miles each day and back to work. Throughout the rest of the summer and fall I averaged 35-40 miles a week walking with no pain.

Not exaggerating even a little, Dr. O’Neill and his great staff have given me back the ability to enjoy my family, friends and work. There is no way to express what it means to me to be able to move, sleep and have more energy for anything I want to do without constant exhausting pain. And such a gift to have my life back so swiftly with no need for extensive physical therapy, no extensive scarring from muscles being cut and so much less pain than I imagine a traditional approach would have generated.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you! You are the best!

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“Dr. Kelly and his staff did a terrific job.” — Stephen L.

I want thank you, and let you know how much I appreciate all that you have done for me. I know it’s going to take me a while to get back to normal, but before you know it, I’ll be on that motorcycle in no time. You and your staff have been terrific.

Kaici has been wonderful. She was always quick to respond to every message and request that my wife, Debbie and I have made. Debbie needed a form filed out by the doctor for FMLA leave at work. Kaici e-mailed the completed form within a couple of hours, in spite of her busy schedule. Thank you, Kaici.

Justina was a huge help in getting all our questions answered about physical therapy and my care at York Gardens. It was nice of her to visit me during my stay and introduce herself. She even stuck around on my last day, until Debbie got there so she could meet her also. Debbie said this busy woman needs and assistant to help her with all her messages. Thank you, Justina.

The nurses at York Gardens, Andrea, Margaret, Stacy, Michelle and Laura (PT) were all wonderful. Andrea reminded me so much of my daughter-in-law who is a registered nurse in California. They all took such good care of me. They are also very good listeners. Thanks to all of you.

And finally, Maggie for the physical therapy you’ve helped me with so far, and all future sessions that will help me get back to normal.

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“All the way to Minneapolis for a THR . . . a Canadian’s story.” — James M.

It’s funny how life works; how small the world seems to be, and how sometimes things just happen to go just right.

This is where my story begins. After several months of enduring hip pain, it became apparent that it was time for a total hip replacement (THR). One of the keys for me, and what I think was important at my age (72), was the length of recovery after the surgery. I am an avid golfer both in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and in Marco Island, Florida; an outdoor cottage guy during the Canadian summers; and a guy that you could say just can’t sit still for five minutes.

I was introduced to Dr. Owen O’Neill and Twin Cities Orthopedics from a close friend here in Toronto. After a short conversation with Dr. O’Neill and a brief discussion over an X-ray I had sent him, I knew this was the perfect fit for me. The THR being performed at EXCEL would have me back to my life of mobility in a third of the time of other THR procedures up here in Toronto.

From the moment I arrived in Minneapolis, it was evident that the EXCEL team provides patients with coordinated care as advertised. I experienced outstanding care from all administration, all the dedicated nurses, and especially from Dr. Owen O’Neill himself. All questions about the surgery – and more importantly for me, about my recovery – were answered.

After the surgery, the first thing I uttered to my son and daughter was, “What time is my tee time?” I just felt great – recovering for a few days in the private orthopedic suite getting nothing but the best care from all the excellent nurses on staff. I can’t thank them enough for making me feel so comfortable after the surgery.

After a few more days recovering in a hotel suite provided by EXCEL and another examination/X-ray with Dr. O’Neill, I was on my way back home to Toronto. I had my surgery on a Monday morning and I was on a plane back to Toronto on Friday afternoon, and that is all due to the expertise of Dr. O’Neill and his team.

Now, a few weeks after the surgery, family and friends can’t believe how quickly I’m recovering after having had a total hip replacement. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to my follow-up X-ray in about three weeks and a discussion via phone with Dr. O’Neill to discuss when I can make it back to the first tee to shave a few strokes off the scorecard.

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“I appreciated the individual attention I received with the EXCEL Program.” — Deborah E.

Unbelievable experience. Exceptional care from Christa and Sherri during my recovery at York gardens. Justina has been available at all times and has been following up with me offering answers to any questions, monitoring my progress, checking my status, and helping with prescriptions.

Physical therapy is also great. I cannot say enough about the wonderful service and attention I have had.

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