The EXCEL Orthopedic Surgery and Recovery Program is designed for healthy, active adults who would have a better quality of life after surgery.

“We created the EXCEL program in 2012 to challenge the status quo, and it has grown to become a blueprint for practices across the country. We’ve now performed over 10,000 EXCEL procedures with great outcomes and an excellent patient experience, all at a lower cost. It’s concierge medicine, and everybody wins.” – Dr. Owen O’Neill, Orthopedic Surgeon and TCO President

“EXCEL’s 1-on-1 approach gives patients peace of mind, allowing family and caregivers to relax. Procedures are done inside innovative surgery centers, and patients recover in private care suites. Plus, it’s about 30% less expensive than a hospital. Patients love it, but because we typically save health plans $30 million or more per year, it’s no wonder employers are also taking notice.” – Aaron Johnson, TCO Chief Executive Officer

The EXCEL Orthopedic Surgery and Recovery program was developed in an effort to advance the practice of orthopedic medicine by providing patients with:




Our individualized care is what sets the EXCEL program apart.

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