Starting Out

You will begin your experience with Excel Orthopedic Surgery & Recovery at the Twin Cities Orthopedics Crosstown Surgery Center located in Edina, Minnesota.

Checking In

After arriving in the surgery center, patients will complete the check-in process in a private environment with our welcoming front office staff.

Family Amenities

Our facility offers a first floor caf√© for our patients’ caregivers. Here they can enjoy items from the salad bar, refreshments, and daily breakfast and lunch specials.


Patients and their caregivers will spend time in a pre-operative suite reviewing information with their care team. From here, patients will be taken to the procedure room or an operating suite for their procedure.

Operating Suites

Our operating suites contain state-of-the-art equipment and are staffed by qualified professionals to ensure we provide cutting-edge, high-quality and safe surgical care.

Recovery Rooms

Patients will enjoy a comfortable post-operative stay in a spacious recovery suite. Our nursing staff will educate and prepare patients and their caregivers prior to their discharge home.

Recovery Suite

Each room is equipped with an environment that feels like home including a private bathroom with walk-in shower, a sleeper for an overnight guest, in room monitoring, flat screen television, and wireless internet connection. The overnight sleeper is comfortable for family members or friends dedicated to helping you Excel in the early post-operative period. The in room monitoring provides our nursing staff with constant feedback on blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels as you recover in from your surgery. The wireless internet connection is an opportunity to connect with family, answer that work email, or connect to to answer all your questions.

Recovery Suite Bathroom

The bathroom includes a walk-in shower that not only feels like home, but allows you to prepare for daily hygiene at home following orthopedic surgery.

Physical Therapy Room

The physical therapist will see you the afternoon or evening of surgery and twice a day until you are ready to go home. Their job is to focus on your early recovery and your transition to recovery at home. The afternoon or evening of surgery you will be evaluated and begin therapy.

The end goal is early movement, prevention of complications and an education in transition to therapy at home.


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