“The hip replacement surgery went better than I could have ever expected…”

— Sidney J.

“I could not have been happier with TCO!”

— Kris L.

“While participating in the EXCEL Program and with the expertise of Dr. Panek and his team, I have made a successful recovery from knee replacement surgery.”

— Claire M.

“EXCEL Program recovery suites were fantastic!”

— Tom O.

“The EXCEL program with TCO was a great program!”

— Tracie E.

“They gave me the best medical care I have ever received in any medical setting.”

— Elroy F.

“Everyone I dealt with was kind, respectful, and understanding. A real class act!”

— Angela D.

“I couldn’t be happier with my care from TCO & the EXCEL program”

— Michael S.

“Friendly, fun, efficient, helpful and we can tell you love your jobs”

“I am so happy to finally be pain free!”

— Theresa O.

“Dr. O’Neill and the entire staff at Twin Cities Orthopedics were great!”

— Elliot L.

“They exceeded my expectations.”

— Mary R.

““I had a wonderful experience when having my total knee replacement!””

— Karen B.

“I send a heartfelt thank you to all of those involved in the EXCEL Program”

— Elizabeth L.

“Everyone I dealt with was kind, respectful, and understanding. A real class act!”

— Teri B.

“I honestly cannot imagine going through the TKA experience any other way…”

— Jennifer K.

“Every aspect of care was covered under the EXCEL program”

— Christine K.

“I haven’t felt this good in years…”

— Janelle K.

“An awesome alternative to the hospital!”

— Lynda M.

“Things exceeded my expectations!”

— Dick U.

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99% of patients would rate their overall EXCEL experience as ’10 out of 10’ and would recommend the program to their family and friends.

“EXCEL’s 1-on-1 approach gives patients peace of mind, allowing family and caregivers to relax. Procedures are done inside innovative surgery centers, and patients recover in private care suites. Plus, it’s about 30% less expensive than a hospital. Patients love it, but because we typically save health plans $30 million or more per year, it’s no wonder employers are also taking notice.” – Aaron Johnson, TCO Chief Executive Officer

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